These are the Skis That Our Staff Think You Should Buy

By Staff
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

With snow in the forecast and demo skis available to try out at Mountain to Sound, this is a great time to think about upgrading. We asked the Mountain to Sound staff what they would pick if they could have anything they wanted from the store.  This is what they had to say.  If you need more recommendations for the skier or snowboarder in your life, come see us.  We love to talk about skiing and snowboarding.

Jessie & Black Crows Atris Skis
My favorite ski this year is the Black Crows Atris. From icy groomers to deep powder, this ski consistently performs! It is an incredibly playful yet hard charging ski; it is a great one ski quiver for the Pacific Northwest! Mount these with Marker Kingpin Bindings or Look Pivot 15 Bindings and you’ll be set.

Laurie & Nordica Unleashed 98 Skis
The Nordica Unleashed 98 is my favorite ski this year! It’s an easy turning ski, a relaxed ride in firm conditions and ready for that special powder day. Pair these with a Marker Griffon binding and you’ve got a true all-mountain ski for our mountains.

Koa & Salomon QST 106 Skis
The Salomon QST 106 is a BEAST. It feels extremely stable both on groomers and in powder, without sacrificing too much weight. It also sets you up for each turn almost automatically. Put some Salomon Warden 13 bindings on them and hit the resorts or throw on a Salomon MTN PURE touring binding and adventure into the backcountry. If you’re looking for a one ski quiver and a ski that does it all, the Salomon One-oh-Six is the ski for you!

Rylie & Black Crows Camox Birdie Skis

The Black Crows Camox Birdie Skis are my pick this year! This ski is extremely playful and forgiving. Their mid-waist makes them great for all terrains and come in lighter than most other all-mountain skis. They are fun and deliver a smooth easy ride at speed. Pair these with Marker Squire 11 bindings and you’ll have a great setup.

These are the Skis That Our Staff Think You Should Buy

Letter to Our Customers Waiting on Stand Up Paddle Boards and Kayaks

By Greg Whittaker
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

Dear Customers,

As many of you are aware, we are having challenges providing accurate product availability and shipping estimates for our paddlesports gear. Given the disruption that the pandemic has caused globally, we are seeing constantly shifting manufacturing dates from our vendors and chronic delays in the shipping of these items. Please know that our staff are working diligently to get the most up to date information about product availability. We know this causes a lot of stress for you and your plans, and we are very sorry for this and ask for your patience as we work through these challenges and the disruption this may cause you. Thank you for your partnership and continued support.

In the meantime gear up with your paddle, PFD, booties, and drybag; and when you are ready to get on the water, please visit Alki Kayak Tours and enjoy some beautiful Puget Sound views.  Anyone who has paid a deposit on a kayak that has been delayed in shipping can request a complimentary rental from Alki Kayak Tours by emailing our team at


Greg Whittaker

For more details about the current situation, check out these sources:

Letter to Our Customers Waiting on Stand Up Paddle Boards and Kayaks

Suggestions for Paddle Spots in West Seattle by Alki Kayak Tours staffer Ashley

By Ashley Johnson
Alki Kayak Tours

West Seattle has a plethora of paddling spots – perfect for all ages. Seattle summers are a great time to get out and explore as I am sure you have been learning through your own adventures!

Let me begin by providing some additional information about Alki Kayak Tours. We are located on 1660 Harbor Ave (beside the King County Water Taxi). Our business prides itself on providing accessible paddling activities for novice – advanced kayakers/SUPers! We provide daily rentals for individuals and groups. We often have families rent kayaks from us. For our younger participants we have double kayaks which are perfect for a parent and child, as well as single kayaks that youth over 14 can paddle themselves (with an adult nearby of course).

We provide classes and tours as well, which individuals over 12 can participant in with a parent/guardian. This summer, we are also SUPer excited to begin our Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Community Paddle Nights which your family may be interested in. Every Monday from 6-8pm, we are providing 1/2 price rentals for SUPs as well as a free group guided paddle with a staff member. Anyone is welcome to bring their own board and join us at no cost. Our goal is to build a community of local paddlers here at Alki! For more information on our company, you can visit our website:

Here at Alki Kayak Tours, we launch at Seacrest Park. Almost all of our rentals, tours, and classes take place in Elliot Bay. We love the area because of its calmer waters, beautiful city views, and the abundant wildlife. Seacrest Park is actually a public launching area though and therefore popular for many kayakers, SUPers, and divers.

Other great Elliot Bay launches are Alki Beach, Constellation Park (by the Lighthouse), and Lowman Beach (near Lincoln Park). Just outside of West Seattle, Andrews Bay (launch at Seward Park), is very tranquil and beginner friendly. 

Before embarking on any outdoor adventure, it is vital to pre-plan. We strongly recommend scouting the area before you start your paddle. Pay attention to the 4 W’s: Water, Weather, Wind, and Waves.

The Puget Sound water is never warmer than 55 degrees – even in the summer. We recommend always wearing and packing extra layers. Personally, I prefer a wetsuit, and we offer these to students in our kayak and SUP classes since they will be spending time in the water. We sell a variety of wetsuit options for youth – adults at our sister store Mountain to Sound Outfitters.

It is also vital to pay attention to the weather. Check before you leave home and continue to monitor while you are in your boat. Weather Underground (Seattle, WA Weather Conditions | Weather Underground ( ) or Accuweather are great resources, and will not only tell you the temperature and precipitation, but also the wind.

Here at Alki, the wind can significantly affect conditions – especially if it is from the North. We typically consider the appearance of whitecaps on the water in conjunction with high winds as unsafe conditions for family/beginner paddlers. Tides are also an important consideration, and there are multiple apps to keep track of the daily tides. I utilize “Tides Near Me.”

Lastly, there are few essential supplies, we encourage participants to never leave home without. Always pack water, salty snacks, a first aid kit, extra layers, good water shoes, map, and radio/cell phone. It is required by law to wear a life jacket and have a whistle accessible at all times. There are always safety considerations for outdoor fun. However, with proper planning and research – paddling is a perfect family adventure! 

Suggestions for Paddle Spots in West Seattle by Alki Kayak Tours staffer Ashley

Kayaking 101: Advice for First Time Kayak Buyers

By Greg Whittaker
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

It’s never too early to start thinking about paddle season. Here are some hints and tips for first time kayak buyers. If you still have questions after reading this, you can make an appointment to come talk to our staff.

Paddle Safely!

  • Dress for the swim – the worst swim that could happen. Stay near shore if you’re not dressed for extended immersion
  • Use good judgment – it’s your most important safety gear
  • Always wear your PFD snugly – you can’t adjust it after you fall in!
  • Clear the decks – prevent entrapment
  • Basic safety gear: PFD, paddle float and bilge pump
  • More safety gear: knife, headlamp, extra fleece, vhf radio, cell phone, charts, compass, tow line and whistle
  • Check the weather, NOAA weather radio/website
  • Don’t forget a thermos of hot soup and your First Aid Kit
  • Read Sea Kayaker Deep Trouble by Gronseth & Broze
  • Develop strong paddling skills – take a class at Alki Kayak Tours

Paddle Strokes

  • Use torso rotation more than arms 
  • Power in front, steering in the rear – in at the toe, out at the hip… unless you’re correcting your course
  • Can’t keep it straight? Slow down!

Pick the Kayak That’s Right for You

  • Price – what kayak do you get for the money you spend?
  • Can you lift it yourself? Will you always have help? Can you get it on and off your car by yourself?
  • Do you have room to store it? Where? 
  • Where do you want to paddle? Do you need a boat designed for rough water?
  • Do you fit comfortably in the boat?
  • How fast do you want to go? Do you want to paddle long distances, maybe go kayak camping?
  • Plastic = least expensive, prone to warping, can take a hit & not make you cry
  • Thermoform (ABS) = mid price range, light, low maintenance
  • Composite (Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Fiberglass) = light, stiff, high maintenance, expensive, long lasting

Pick the Right Paddle

  • Materials – there are many paddles to choose from
  • Carbon = lightest, stiffest, most efficient, hardest on your joints, most expensive
  • Metal & plastic = heaviest, least durable, least efficient, least expensive
  • Fiberglass = in between
  • Bent shaft = some people prefer for ergonomic effect

Pick the Right PFD

  • Room for shoulder movement
  • Pockets, accessories for the activity you want
  • Make it a snug, comfortable fit
Kayaking 101: Advice for First Time Kayak Buyers

Holiday 2020 Staff Recommendations

By Staff
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

It’s that time of the year again! The season for making holiday wish lists.  We asked the Mountain to Sound staff what they would pick if they could have anything they wanted from the store.  This is what they had to say.  If you need more recommendations for the skier or snowboarder in your life, come see us.  We love to talk about skiing and snowboarding.

Rosie & Rossignol Hero Heated Boot Bag
According to Rosie, the Rossignol Hero Heated Boot Bag is ideal for the new COVID normal where your car is your locker room. Imagine arriving at the resort parking lot on a cold day and effortlessly sliding you feet into warm boots! Rosie likes the generous gear pockets, the space for a helmet and that the bag can be charged at home or in your car. The bag even has space for a second set of boots for your pod-mate, making you a hero for the day.

Shannon & Flylow Puma Jacket with Bonfire Master 2L Bib Pants
Shannon has the Flylow Puma Jacket and the Bonfire Master 2L Bib Pants on her wish list for their versatility. She says that they fit well on curvy women and that they will look good with all of your brightly colored accessories. She appreciates that the Puma jacket is equally at home on the slopes as it is on a rainy Seattle day of running errands. She also loves the look, comfort and stretch of the Bonfire bibs.

Rachel & Lib Tech EJack Knife Snowboard
According to Rachel, the Lib Tech EJack Knife Snowboard is at the top of her holiday wish list.  She says that it would be a great step up from her current board and that it looks super fun to ride. In addition, she’s read many reviews and has heard nothing but good things about it. If she had the board, she’d head straight to Mt. Baker to go super fast and ride big lines.

Jessie & BCA Link Two-Way Radio and Smith I/O MAG Goggles

Jessie has recently moved to Seattle and is looking forward to exploring the backcountry terrain in the Pacific Northwest. He has the BCA Link Two-Way Radio on his list because good communication with his skiing partners is one important way to increase safety in the backcountry. In addition, he likes the Smith I/O MAG Goggles because they have two lens options that are easy to change and because the curved lenses give him a more natural view of his new state.

Holiday 2020 Staff Recommendations

Opening Days & COVID Protocols for the 2020-21 Snow Season

By Staff
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

With opening day at Crystal Mountain less than a week away, we’ve compiled a list of each resort and some of the most important details about tickets and COVID protocols. In the meantime, check out our sale skis and snowboards, get your gear tuned and waxed, and PRAY FOR SNOW!

Opening Day: November 18th
Tickets: Buy Online
COVID Protocols: Crystal Mountain will start by not requiring reservations. This means that season pass holders will be able to ski/snowboard any time that their pass is valid. However, there will be a limited number of daily lift tickets available and those must be purchased in advance. There will be no walk-up tickets sold and they expect to sell out on popular days, so plan ahead if you have a particular date in mind.

Opening Day: 
November 27th (estimated)
Tickets: Buy Online
COVID Protocols: Mt. Baker will also start the season with not requiring reservations. However, they reserve the right to instate a reservation system if needed. If a reservation system is in place, season pass holders are guaranteed at least 51% of the tickets available but they will still need to make a reservation.

Opening Day: November 27th
Tickets: Buy Online
COVID Protocols: Mission Ridge will start the season by not requiring reservations for season pass holders. However, they will be limiting access to the mountain by regulating the number of day lift tickets. Guests are strongly encouraged to buy their single and package lift tickets in advance because in person tickets might be limited or not available at all.

Opening Day: December 4th
Tickets: Buy Online
COVID Protocols: Stevens Pass will require reservations for all of its guests, including season pass holders. However, season pass holders will get priority access, including a month where they have exclusive access to reserve priority dates. Lift tickets will be available for sale starting on December 8th but will not be sold for the early season.

Opening Day: December 4th (estimated)
Tickets: Buy Online
COVID Protocols: Summit at Snoqualmie does not currently have plans for a reservation system. However, they will reduce the number of season pass and lift tickets sold in order to limit the number of people on mountain. In addition, all tickets will be sold online. Guests are encouraged to book in advance.

Opening Days & COVID Protocols for the 2020-21 Snow Season

How to gear up for Skiing or Snowboarding during a Worldwide Pandemic

By Greg Whittaker
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

Its been a tough year, and as we in the northern hemisphere prepare to survive the winter, I wanted to help our customers with a heads up on how we will be operating this winter.

Mountain to Sound Outfitters has been open and operating under Covid Compliant Safety protocols since May. We have successfully implemented physical distancing, cleanliness standards, and required masking to help our paddlesports customers get the gear they needed to get out on the water and stay active.

And here we are chomping at the bit to physically distance in the winter of ’20-21. As a family oriented regional ski and snowboard shop, we anticipated the need for our customers to get the gear to ski and snowboard this winter and we accepted all of our pre-season orders in full, and in some cases increased volumes. So we have gear!

Now we have to help you all get geared up safely, and therein lies the changes. To comply with current COVID-19 regulations, we have limited the number of people we will allow in the store at any time to 30% of our capacity. Temperature checks, masks and tracking are required. We have implemented an appointment system so that we are able to control the number of people coming into the store. There are different categories for scheduling, from Season Rentals, Retail Sales, to Boot Fitting. You need to make a schedule to get geared up this year, and since a lot of the products we use require fitting, you have a job to do before you come in.

Make a list of the gear you have and gear you need. Try on all of your old gear! Is it still functional? Inspect your skis and snowboards, do they need service? We will accept skis and snowboards for service without an appointment, but you will need to wait outside until we have time to process your gear.

When you come for your appointment, you will have a limited amount of time. Because of the delays in getting in here, it is recommended you pick up everything needed for that person in one trip.

Here is a checklist for you to go through. It is a general list that you may adapt according to your activity.

Ski and Snowboarding Clothing
Ski Pants
Ski Jacket
Under Layers for additional insulation such as a vest or fleece sweater (Mid Layers)
Base Layer Tops – non cotton
Base Layer Bottoms – non cotton
Multiple winter hats/beanies/ski mask
Ski Socks

Ski and Snowboarding Gear
Skis or Snowboard with Bindings
Ski Boots or Snowboard Boots
Ski Poles

So, we are here to help you get dialed in for your winter play. Ski areas will be operating, and we will get through this. In the meantime, help us by being prepared when you come in the shop so we can be efficient and effective. Thank you for continuing to support your small local shops as we all get through this together.

How to gear up for Skiing or Snowboarding during a Worldwide Pandemic

Father’s Day | Outdoor Stories from M2S Dad’s



This week we are celebrating father figures by sharing stories of families who make time to create memories in nature with their children. Read about two Mountain to Sound Outfitter staff members experiences as parents below and look for fun posts on our Facebook and Instagram pages all week.

As a local, family owned business, the founders and staff at Mountain to Sound Outfitters take pride in helping all families obtain access to gear needed to safely and efficiently explore outdoor spaces, especially adventures on the water!

Lil’ Gill and Family Paddle the PNW


Hey there! My name is Gill and I’m part of the crew here at M2S. I’m the proud papa of my little mini me (also named Gill, aka Lil’ Gill!) He is just about to turn 4 and loves being out on the water with his family. We consider adventure a family value around our house and make a point to get out of town at least twice a month, load up the SUP & kayak and off we go!!

Q: Where is your favorite outdoor space to explore with your children and why?

Gill: Most of our adventures are right here in our beautiful backyard of the PNW. One of our favorite places to explore is the Olympic Peninsula. Access to Puget Sound, more lakes than I can count and the scenery simply can’t be beat.

Q: Do you have a memory with your kids in nature that will stick with you forever? Tell us the story!

Gill: On one of our latest adventures we loaded up the SUP & Kayak and headed to our favorite little cove. We spent the day paddling on Hood Canal, hauled out on the beach & had fresh oysters for lunch… It literally doesn’t get any better than that!

Q: Any special ‘firsts’ that are memorable or fun to witness as a parent?

Gill: Watching him learn to swim/balance/paddle/fish is just the coolest thing in the world. There’s nothing better than sharing something you love with someone you love.


Q: What are some tips you might give other father figures who are exploring nature with their children?

Gill: I would say… Be prepared for anything and always always always safety first. Even on the calmest day I make sure to have on my PFD (lead by example) and SUP leash or paddle leash. Things happen fast on the water. Always do a safety check and proper gear inspection before heading out on your next adventure! Happy Paddling!!!


Growing Up Comfortable in Nature


Hey I’m Greg, owner of Mountain to Sound Outfitters and Alki Kayak Tours. I have two boys 10 and 8, they are really getting addicted to screens during this stay home teaching period. To combat that, Keller and Elwood (the boys) and I are focusing on Puget Sound explorations at least once a week for the rest of the warm weather season.

Q: Where is your favorite outdoor space to explore with your children and why?

Greg: Being in West Seattle, any shoreline around the peninsula is our go to when we have free time. If we get a couple days, we’ll head to the coast with them or to an Eastern Washington lake. In the winter we ski Alpental, and camp in Lot 3, off grid with a crew of helmet heads [kids] that are faster on snow than 90% of adult skiers.


Q: Do you have a memory with your kids in nature that will stick with you forever? Tell us the story!

Greg: Lots of memories paddling the triple kayak with the boys and watching Elwood, our youngest crashing out in the middle seat. While paddling through three foot breaking waves off Duwamish Head, Elwood didn’t even wake up. Meanwhile, Keller, our oldest is paddling for his life in the front seat.

Q: Any special ‘firsts’ that are memorable, fun to witness as a parent?

Greg: For both kids it was the first chairlift rides and skiing on their own. We are a big snow family so it’s been cool watching them both grow up completely comfortable in a mountain setting.

Q: What are some tips you might give other father figures who are exploring nature with their children?

Greg: Take the kids and follow their lead. Some of the best times are exploring under rocks on a low tide and seeing the creatures. Kids are our future; so make sure they are in touch with the planet. The skills you give them now are engrained for life.

We hope your weekend with family is amazing and that you consider spending time outdoors to create long lasting memories and experiences with those you care about.









Father’s Day | Outdoor Stories from M2S Dad’s

Gliding at Gold Creek Pond: Advice for First Time Nordic Skiers


By Kendell Tylee
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

Recovering from a sprained wrist. Snowfall in the Cascades. What’s a lifelong snowboarder to do?! Well, readers, I decided to go Nordic. While I didn’t move to Copenhagen and take up Hygge (though wonderful ideas), I did don two skis. For the first time in my life. After having a wonderful time getting back into snowshoeing, I delved into cross-country (nordic) skiing, and took off to the “Gold Creek Pond” trail at Snoqualmie Pass. Below are a few things I learned. I hope they can help you in your journey!

Can I rent or purchase cross-country skis from Mountain to Sound Outfitters?
You can do both!  Find rental information here and retail skis here.

How do I know my size? And how old do I have to be?
Mountain to Sound Outfitters has quick and easy charts and even an Alpina color scale to get you sorted. And we have set-up 6 year olds, 70 year olds, and every age in between with x-c skis.

What do I need?
You will need cross-country boots that clip into cross-country skis, and cross-country poles. We can help you make sure that your boots and skis are compatible. We generally carry “NNN” boots and skis. And your cross-country poles will be about armpit high (we will also get you set with the right size for your frame).

Remember hydration! It’s easy to forget about while playing in snow. I wore the Helena 20 CamelBak, which we sell at Mountain to Sound Outfitters. 20 liters is a great size for a day hike. It holds plenty of water and has space to pack away layers.

It even has compartments in the waist belt, where I stored dog bags, lip balm, and a snack. Lastly, it features pole loops, for when you want to store your poles away.

Depending on where you go, you may need a Sno-Park pass for the parking lot.

And lastly— bring a very happy snow dog.*



I have snowshoed before. Is that similar to cross-country skiing?
Yes and no. You can use similar trails. But, it is all about the “glide and slide” locomotion. Having snowshoed before, I found myself picking up my foot and ski off the ground. I got tired pretty quickly. All I needed to do was keep the ski on the ground and slide forward, while only slightly lifting my heel off the ski. The latter was much less work. Phew!

At Gold Creek Pond, we were the only cross-country skiers on the trail. We created our own route to the side of the snowshoe tracks, for a smoother glide.

How are cross-country skis different from downhill (Alpine) skis?
Cross-country skis are more spindly. They do not turn like downhill skis. Sometimes I felt like I was on ice skates. And occasionally I chose to “step” diagonally when going up and down little slopes.

What if I fall?
Turn to your side, make your poles into an “X” on the ground, and push on the “X” to get yourself up.

Can you cross-country ski with a dog?
If the dog is ready and willing! My K9 nephew loves the snow. But he does not love his booties. So, I applied paw wax (found at a pet store) in and around the pads of his paws. This prevents ice from forming. A dog leash harness and bungee leash can also keep your hands free for poles. This is called “skijoring”! Given that it was my first time ever on skis, I was thankful that my co-worker, who has skied before, was happy to wear the harness. Otherwise I suspect there would have been a lot more falling on my part!


Where to go?
Decide whether you want to take a pet and whether you want groomed trails, or want to go off on your own. When starting out cross-country skiing, I recommend groomed trails. Our classic Alpina Control 60 cross-country ski rentals are great for that. If you want to explore some, we sell a hybrid Alpina Control 64 Edge Ski, with metal edges. And if you really want to go off-path, our wider Alpina Discovery 68 Ski is the one for you.

Some trails do not allow dogs. We went to Gold Creek Pond, near Hyak, which is dog-friendly. It is a gorgeous, accessible trail for beginners. On the backside of the pond, the path is more wooded. It made for a fun adventure, but was probably more suitable for snowshoeing.

We saw dogs of all sizes out enjoying the snow. Just know that even if you have your dog on a leash (which is required), others may be off-leash and approach your dog. Given its proximity to Seattle, Gold Creek Pond can get very busy on the weekends and holidays. And the trailhead is accessible by a narrow road, so plan accordingly. We went on a Tuesday and only a few other groups were on the trail.

Pack it in. Pack it out!
This goes for whatever your dog may leave behind, too.  There were porta potties but no trash cans at the trail head.

Lastly, have fun gliding away!

For more information, visit the Washington Trails Association guide to cross-country skiing in Washington State.

Gliding at Gold Creek Pond: Advice for First Time Nordic Skiers

Top Staff Picks for the Holidays

By Staff
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

‘Tis the season for making holiday wish lists.  We asked the Mountain to Sound staff what they would pick if they could have anything they wanted from the store.  This is what they had to say.  If you need more recommendations for the skier or snowboarder in your life, come see us.  We love to talk about skiing and snowboarding.

Heather & Blizzard Sheeva 11 Skis
Heather demoed the Blizzard Sheeva 11 Skis on an epic powder day at the industry demo at Mission Ridge last year and fell in love. She describes the Sheevas as super playful and very responsive.  If you’re a lady looking for skis that are the perfect mix of powder ski and groomer cruiser, then you should consider adding these to your holiday wish list.

Richard & Smith 4D MAG Goggles
Richard has the Smith 4D MAG Goggles on his wish list because when he tried them on, they fit his face spectacularly.  He wears contacts and he loves how the bend at the bottom of the goggles expands his field of view.  He jokes that, “I’m all about seeing … what I’m about to crash into.”

Adam & Lib Tech T. Rice Orca Snowboard
According to Adam, you should have the Lib Tech T. Rice Orca Snowboard on your holiday wish list if you want the apex predator of pow surfing and all mountain versatility in your quiver.  He demoed the Orca at Mission Ridge on an epic powder day and thoroughly enjoyed it.  He also appreciates that the Orca is made in Washington using eco-friendly practices.

image1 (12)
Kendell & Lib Tech Cortado Snowboard

Kendell has recently moved back to Seattle after living overseas and is looking forward to getting back into the groove of snowboarding on the Lib Tech Cortado Snowboard.  She has the Cortado on her list because it excels all over the mountain and because she appreciates the extra grip of magne-traction.  She also feels great about supporting a business with environmentally friendly practices.

Matt & Hestra Army Leather Heli Gloves

Matt bought his first pair of Hestra gloves in 2001 and he’s still wearing them today.  He says that the Hestra Army Leather Heli Gloves are warm, durable, and that, “they keep your hands warm at apres when you’re holding a beer.”  He’s also a fan of the leather balm that makes them supple and waterproof, the wrist straps that keep him from losing his gloves on the chair lift and and the pre-curved fingers that help with articulation.

Lena & SHIFT Bindings

According to Lena, the Salomon S/LAB Shift MNC Ski Bindings are on her list because they are the best of both worlds for uphill and downhill travel.  She loves that they have pin compatibility as well as the stability of a traditional alpine toe piece.  It’s a lightweight binding for the backcountry but still burly enough to handle the hard pack snow we get sometimes while skiing inbounds.

Top Staff Picks for the Holidays