How to gear up for Skiing or Snowboarding during a Worldwide Pandemic

By Greg Whittaker
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

Its been a tough year, and as we in the northern hemisphere prepare to survive the winter, I wanted to help our customers with a heads up on how we will be operating this winter.

Mountain to Sound Outfitters has been open and operating under Covid Compliant Safety protocols since May. We have successfully implemented physical distancing, cleanliness standards, and required masking to help our paddlesports customers get the gear they needed to get out on the water and stay active.

And here we are chomping at the bit to physically distance in the winter of ’20-21. As a family oriented regional ski and snowboard shop, we anticipated the need for our customers to get the gear to ski and snowboard this winter and we accepted all of our pre-season orders in full, and in some cases increased volumes. So we have gear!

Now we have to help you all get geared up safely, and therein lies the changes. To comply with current COVID-19 regulations, we have limited the number of people we will allow in the store at any time to 30% of our capacity. Temperature checks, masks and tracking are required. We have implemented an appointment system so that we are able to control the number of people coming into the store. There are different categories for scheduling, from Season Rentals, Retail Sales, to Boot Fitting. You need to make a schedule to get geared up this year, and since a lot of the products we use require fitting, you have a job to do before you come in.

Make a list of the gear you have and gear you need. Try on all of your old gear! Is it still functional? Inspect your skis and snowboards, do they need service? We will accept skis and snowboards for service without an appointment, but you will need to wait outside until we have time to process your gear.

When you come for your appointment, you will have a limited amount of time. Because of the delays in getting in here, it is recommended you pick up everything needed for that person in one trip.

Here is a checklist for you to go through. It is a general list that you may adapt according to your activity.

Ski and Snowboarding Clothing
Ski Pants
Ski Jacket
Under Layers for additional insulation such as a vest or fleece sweater (Mid Layers)
Base Layer Tops – non cotton
Base Layer Bottoms – non cotton
Multiple winter hats/beanies/ski mask
Ski Socks

Ski and Snowboarding Gear
Skis or Snowboard with Bindings
Ski Boots or Snowboard Boots
Ski Poles

So, we are here to help you get dialed in for your winter play. Ski areas will be operating, and we will get through this. In the meantime, help us by being prepared when you come in the shop so we can be efficient and effective. Thank you for continuing to support your small local shops as we all get through this together.

How to gear up for Skiing or Snowboarding during a Worldwide Pandemic

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