4 Things to Do to Prepare for the Ski-Son

By Lena Shafer
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

1. Show your gear some love
Memories of sticky slush haunting you from spring? Rust forming on your edges? Nothing’s worse than being slowed down on the first run of the season because you forgot to wax or realizing that your edges won’t hold. Bring your equipment in to get your edges sharpened, bases smoothed, core shots filled and a hot wax to top everything off. Our full tune includes a base grind, side and base edge sharpen and a hot wax.  Pick up a wax card for 4 waxes at the price of 3 to be prepared for the whole season.


2. Customize your boots
While wearing boots that feel like torture devices was once a rite of passage, having work done on your boots makes this a thing of the past. Most ski and snowboard boots these days are built with heat moldable liners and shells to achieve maximum customization. Adding insoles specific to the shape of your foot means that you get unmatched support lap after lap. Call to schedule a boot fitting consultation with us to figure out your unique foot needs.


3. Dial in your layering system
The weather in the Cascades often feels like spinning a wheel, you never really know what you’re going to get! Storm systems shift rather swiftly up in the mountains so wearing clothing that is breathable and warm even when wet is instrumental to enduring anything that gets thrown your way. Wearing base layers means that your core temperature is regulated through moisture wicking fabrics, and heat is held against the skin. Neck tubes and balaclavas make for a wind resistant barrier for your neck and head that fit comfortably under a helmet. Stop in to check out all the new styles that have filled our shop.

Pictured: Smartwool Merino ¼ Zip, BlackStrap Tube, Dakine Juniper Jacket

4. Get the family geared up
Not ready to commit to owning your own equipment or have growing groms at home? Come in to get set up with rentals, available for the season or for a day or so. Renting is a great way to get into the sport without having to invest so much in equipment upfront. Most of the new skis and snowboards we have in our store are also available to be demoed, meaning you can try a variety of styles and know what’s right for you, and put the cost of the demo towards the purchase of new equipment.


4 Things to Do to Prepare for the Ski-Son

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