Gifts for Dad

By Jaime Cary
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

If your Dad is the adventuring sort, chances are he already has all the stuff he needs. This makes it extremely hard to find the right gift on father’s day. If he’s not one for big gifts, here are three small ones that will show him how much you care.

On Celtic Tides Cover

  1. On Celtic Tides, by Chris Duff. Our fathers used to go on grand adventures before we were born. Give him some inspiration with this travelogue about a man who decides to paddle around Ireland over the course of three months.
  2. If your dad likes music, give him the gift of music out on the water. Speaqua waterproof speakers suction onto your paddle board or kayak, and use Bluetooth to connect to your favorite music. If singing in the shower is his thing, they also work well on tile.
  3. It is a fact of life that our dads are getting older, and sometimes those aches and pains can lead to a lack of comfort on adventures. If this is your dad, the Thermarest Lumbar Pillow is what you need. He can use it for added lower back support in his boat or lawn chair, and it’s extremely compressible for easy storage and transport.


Some Dads like big gestures. If you want a big gift to give to your father this father’s day, here are three good options to show him how much you care.

  1. Get him a boat. Something that’s comfortable to sit in, with the stability, length, and safety features to go paddle on the sound! The Wilderness Systems Tsunami is a great boat for getting him out and about, if he wants something easier to load onto the roof of the car the Eddyline Sitka’s are his jam!
  2. A paddle board! If he prefers to stand on his adventures, or if his hips give him trouble in a boat, a paddle board is a great gift for dad. You could get him one he could fish from, or take his dog out with him. Great for both relaxing at the lake, and big adventures in the Sound, a paddle board is always bound to put a smile on dads face.
  3. If you aren’t sure what your dad needs, a gift card is a good way to go! At Mountain to Sound, the gift cards never expire and he can use it on any equipment he needs!SitkaST_2489

If your dad doesn’t like gifts.

  1. If your dad doesn’t like gifts, give him the gift of your time. A tour through Alki Kayak Tours would be a great way to spend time with him on the water, while taking in the local sea life and beautiful views. Stress free trips with the joy of each other’s company, giving your dad and experience he will never forget is a great way to go on father’s day.
Gifts for Dad

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