Skinny Skis on a Powder Day


By Jaime Cary
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

It happened. The weather had called for sun and blue sky, but when I arrived at Stevens Pass that morning a foot and a half of snow had fallen and it was still dumping…and I had skinny skis.

It was the first time I had taken out a pair of the Nordica Enforcer 93‘s. Hailed as being the groomer king of the Enforcer series (the 100 and 110 have routinely won ski of the year), I was excited to take it out for a day of serious carving. Nature had other plans.

We warmed up on runs that had been groomed that morning. A half a foot had fallen on top and was rapidly being turned to chop by the other skiers on the hill. The Enforcers did fantastic bouncing up and over the chop. Quick under foot, their turned up tips helped them float over the wet heavy chop.

Then nordica_enforcer_93_flat_skisthe crew headed to the backside. Snow was stacking up in the trees, and was the heavy and wet that if the norm here in the Pacific Northwest. We dropped in, and I was expecting to flounder and swim. The way the ski handled surprised me. While I didn’t float, I didn’t sink to the bottom. The tips cut well through the snow, and while I wasn’t exactly fast or graceful,  I was able to link long flowing turns through the trees, and keep all my friends on fat skis in sight.

I was extremely impressed. I was able to ski powder and trees as it dumped all day and never once felt bogged down. Its a mark of a good ski when it does well even in a situation that it is not meant for. The Enforcer 93’s were lively through the chop, and graceful and easy to use in the powder. While I would still highly recommend Nordicas wider skis for those true dump days, the 93’s are a wonderful choice if you are a big groomer skier who occasionally gets socked in.

Skinny Skis on a Powder Day

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