Rubber Ducky, a Book Review

By Jaime Cary
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

What do great white whales and bath toys have in common? More than you might think. When Donovan Hohn hears the story of 28,800 bath toys that were lost at sea, he found himself on anMoby Duck Cover epic adventure searching for the infamous toys. In Moby-Duck, he recounts his search from the factories of China all the way to the shores of Greenland to find the elusive specimens, and finds that the search for these toys effects far more than just the bottom lines of the companies who made them and the beach combers who search for them.

Moby-Duck starts with the feeling of a travelogue. A new father goes off on a grand adventure to reconcile the notion that plastic toys are safe and the idea that plastics are harmful to the planet that he is leaving his son. Hohn’s witty humor drives an adventurous narrative and makes bad news a little harder to swallow all while delivering an extremely hopeful message. He boards bush planes in Alaska and cargo ships crossing the Pacific Ocean, all in search of his own white whale, the innocent rubber ducky.

Along the way, he interviews everyone he can find who has had a connection to the bath toys. He searches high tide lines with beach combers and uses what they find to predict ocean currents with oceanographers.  He also meets with scientist to discuss how plastics effect our planet, and what we can do about it.moby duck

Witty, informative, and extremely heartfelt, Moby-Duck is a fantastic book about how we interact with the world, from when we are small children imagining rubber ducky’s in the wide ocean of the bathtub to adults searching for our very own white whale. Whether you live next to the ocean and witness plastic pollution, or are a land lubber whose kids play with the infamous bath toy, Hohn’s book is a fantastic read that offers a deeper look into one of the most cherished and mundane toys of our childhood.

This book is available for purchase at Mountain to Sound Outfitters.

Rubber Ducky, a Book Review

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